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Capturing the "Best of Our Counties" Brand

Frames Up worked with Midcounties Co-operative to create brand content telling the story and capturing the essence of their Best of Our Counties brand. The brief was to create content that encapsulates the Midcounties Co-operative belief in supporting local farmers and suppliers where possible, and offering customers the best quality local food and drink. In order to capture the imagination of their customer, we built content on this strong message by showing the journey of the product from farm to shelf. The video highlights how products from our Best of Our Counties range are only sourced from the home or neighbouring county of each store which vastly reduces food miles. The brand video reminds the customer that they can know exactly where their food comes from and how it has been produced, providing peace of mind that it is of the highest quality as well as sustainably sourced.

Frames Up visited various regional suppliers across England including Shipton Mill, British Honey Company, Flower & White bakery, Mudwalls Farm, Chase Distillery, Mays Eggs farm, and Hook Norton Brewery to film the process and artisan craftsmanship that goes into producing the wonderful regional produce. Building on the storytelling narrative and the rich, evocative visuals of the farms and producers, we knew this would capture the hearts and minds of the Midcounties Co-operative customer.

The music for this brand video was custom-composed by Josh Savage, to create an emotive sound that completes story into an enjoyable experience for the viewer.

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