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How to measure video effectiveness

One of the biggest challenges for businesses investing in marketing activity is how to prove the return on investment. We often get asked this question, and there are lots of tools out there to help. Video content and digital marketing is in fact one of the easiest campaigns to measure because the statistics on views and shares are trackable. No-one can argue with numbers, after all! That said, your content needs the hit the right note with your audience to make an impact and reach your goals. It should be consistent with your brand, and you need to keep your messages and content fresh and consistent, relevant and entertaining.

In an article in Marketing Week on implementing and measuring video strategy, the subject of according to Andre van Loon, research and insight director at We Are Social, marketers should be asking questions such as: “Did video views lead to brand or product advocacy? Did they reinforce existing attitudes or behaviours, or create new ones? Did a brand’s videos impact on consumers’ purchase intentions? Did they lead to increased sales?”

At Frames Up, we believe it's not just about the number of views, it's about being targeted in your approach, and considering the emotional impact, which will help you gain a following with loyal customers who will love your content and keep them coming back for more.

Read the full article by Thomas Hobbs, Marketing Week, 3 August 2017:"Implementing a video strategy is one thing but if marketers don’t know how to measure effectiveness properly they could be wasting big money..." Read article

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